Aristocrazy is based on in house design and craftsmanship. All of its jewelry and watches are made using the best materials with the most traditional and artisanal practices.

The values of savoir-faire have been transmitted from generation to generation by the Suárez family to achieve the creation of some of the most unique pieces with the highest quality.



The process of creating our jewellery begins with a thorough analysis of the up and coming trends in fashion, along with in-depth research into classic designs within the traditional jewellery world. Once the trends for the coming seasons have been analyzed, the creative team at Aristocrazy then blend their ideas and inspiration into designs suitable for the brand and the jewellery world.


In our workshop, the sculptor meticulously models the piece, down to every detail and once the wax is finished, it is cast in silver to obtain the original version in metal.


After finishing the wax modeling, the casting process begins. Several wax models are prepared and then fixed to a “tree" which is later placed into a cylinder. A type of plaster, called investment, is then poured into the cylinder, completely covering the tree. When placed in the oven, the wax melts, leaving an impression of the tree in the hardened investment.


Our snake bangle has a black spinel studded special edition. Our artisans grain set small, individual, black spinels to create pavé on the snake’s head. Furthermore, to add personality, our snake has a marquise cut spinel mounted, with a bezel setting, in each of its eyes.


Once the stones are set, the bracelet is assembled and the artisans proceed to the next stage of polishing the piece up to show off the fine details. Every item is carefully examined to guarantee the best quality.


The Aristocrazy snake is definitely our most iconic piece. It is the first creature that gave shape to our emblematic collection, Savage, in 2010. The first rings from this collection are pieces belonging to the Suarez family who entrusted their original designs to us at the launch of Aristocrazy. From this legacy came the snake bracelet, a piece that embodies our greatest and most valued asset, the detailed work of our craftsman, the wax sculptor.


Soleil - brushed, polished and lacquered – these are some finishes that we do on our watch faces. We also create some of our own textures for brightness and elegance to our watches and, for some final touches, add set stones and Luminovas.

We also create some of our own textures for brightness and elegance to our watches and, for some final touches, add set stones and Luminovas.


The curves on the Aristocrazy cases add elegance, simplicity and beauty to our watches. The precision and meticulous work that has gone into engineering these watches has transformed them into slim, ergonomic pieces, made of stainless steel (316L), with parts that are still continuously being perfected and adjusted in order to create a more durable and reliable machine. As well as adding a brightness and an exceptional finish to the cases, the PVD titanium and gold plating give long lasting colour and protection. Our watch case diameters range from 35mm to 40mm.


At Aristocrazy we individually select the best leather for our watchstraps, guaranteeing the best combination of materials and ensuring that they are unique by paying attention to detail, from the interior of the strap to the stitching. The fabrication of the steel and ceramic watchstraps require great patience. Once they have been modeled they are polished by hand in order to get the shiniest of finishes.

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