If you want to get a piercing with us, you must know these pre-piercing tips before coming to see us or making your appointment so that you can come visit us later.

Your piercing can wait if:

  • You're pregnant
  • You're breastfeeding
  • You're going to the beach or pool in the next 3 weeks
  • You're going to take a plane trip (flight of more than 8 hours)
  • If you’re under 16, you can’t do your piercing with us
  • If you’re over 16 but are underage, you must be accompanied by your legal guardian

We know that every body is different and unique, so our team of professional piercers will analyse the area you want to pierce and guide you to create your ear-look.

We are stylists of your ears. We will see with you your tastes in jewelry, what combinations go best with you and your style, and if the area you have chosen is the best choice based on your anatomy.

It is very important for you to wash your hands with water and neutral soap before touching or handling your piercing.

To clean your piercing, use a sterile gauze pad to remove any residue in the area. Use a sterile saline solution.

Never remove the piece to clean it or to clean the earring:

simply apply saline solution to both sides of the wound, preferably with a gauze pad, for three to four minutes. Afterwards, remove any discharge.

Once you have cleaned the side with another sterile gauze pad, dry the piercing and the entire moist area. Don’t move the piece since it will move by itself. Too much movement can cause irritation and problems in the piercing healing process.

Do the process to clean and disinfect the piercing three times per day for the first 20 days. After this time, we recommend cleaning the piercing once per day until it has been about two months or until there are no signs that you must keep cleaning it. For example, you don’t have any pain and there is no discharge, redness, or irritation.

How to take care of your Aristocrazy Piercing?

━ Don’t touch the jewelry with your hands. There are many infectious agents that we don't want to transfer to the wound.
━ During the first month, don’t go under in the sea or pool.
━ During the first months, it is preferable not to sleep on the side of your piercing and not to apply prolonged pressure to it. This will help the piercing healing process.
━ Don’t talk on the phone on the side of the piercing; your phone has millions of germs.
━ When putting on make-up, try to cover the piercing so that external agents that may be in the cosmetics don’t fall into it.
━ Follow-up appointment after 15 days. Whenever you have a problem or question, we will always help you. We will follow up with you via email.
━ You must wear the starter piece for at least 2 months. The longer you wait, the more your tissues will be healed, and you will have less risk when changing the piece and adapting to it.