Taking care of your jewerly


As a general rule, you should always be diligent about looking after your jewelry, whatever its composition. Pieces of jewelry are very delicate and valuable, and so you should always treat them with the utmost care.

Below are some simple tips to help you look after your jewelry. Always prevent your jewelry from coming into contact with cosmetic products that could damage its color. Creams and perfumes can make your piece darken or lose its shine, as a result of chemical abrasion. To clean your jewelry, always use warm water and pH-neutral soap. Use a soft brush to clean your gems and then dry them with a chamois cloth.

Regularly check that all fastenings are in good working order. It is also a good idea to regularly check gem settings, to make sure your gems are all properly attached, to avoid them falling off and getting lost.

Do not expose your jewelry to sharp changes in temperature, because gems, in particular, can change color. To properly maintain your jewelry properly, it is best to store each piece individually. If you use a jewelry box, try to make sure the pieces are always in separate compartments. Try to keep chains fastened and lay them out flat, to avoid knots forming. Gems can deteriorate as a result of being in contact with chemical substances, like creams, alcohol, perfumes and detergents. Organic gems, like pearls, are more delicate than other precious stones with regard to certain chemical agents, therefore you should always keep them away from soap, perfume, creams and detergents.

This type of precious stone can also become dehydrated, and so it is best to avoid exposing it to direct heat, such as lights and radiators. A diamond can easily scratch other stones and metals. It is best to prevent jewelry containing this gem from coming into contact with jewel containing softer stones. If you should have any questions about the condition of your jewelry, do not wear it until it has been checked by a specialist. At Aristocrazy, we will be pleased to help you whenever you require.


To help keep your watch in the best possible condition, we recommend cleaning it using a chamois cloth. The watch case and bracelet will need regular cleaning because they are in continual contact with your skin. Do this carefully, using a clean, dry chamois cloth, and be particularly careful if your watch is finished in yellow or rose gold. Our watch straps are manufactured using high-quality leather, which means that frequent contact with water can damage them. We recommend cleaning the straps, buckle and fastening from time to time, using a chamois cloth. Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures (saunas and steam rooms) and try not to knock them, particularly the crown and crystal. On rare occasions, the crown can get pulled out by friction caused by garments or objects (when taking off your gloves or coat, for instance). That is why it is important to be careful, and always make sure it is closed, since otherwise water can get inside.