You can visit your nearest point of sale to receive advice on maintaining and caring for your Aristocrazy jewelry.

Our Services: Aristocrazy Basic Care & Aristocrazy Premium Care

Discover Aristocrazy Basic Care & Aristocrazy Premium Care. With these two services, we help you to extend the life of your jewelry with an affordable, personalised, priority service.


3 maintenance services for your jewelry and watches per year.

This service costs €39.


5 maintenance services for your jewelry per year.

An official Aristocrazy polishing cloth for good care at home.

With this service, you can also order your custom-made 18kt ring with diamonds and receive it in a maximum of fifteen business days; the usual time is approximately 3 months.

This service costs €59.

Recommendations concerning your jewels and watches

Your daily Aristocrazy jewelry. Your jewel is a precious object that requires attention and care. To keep them as much as possible, we recommend that you follow these tips daily:

  • Handle jewels with care and remove them when washing your hands or when using corrosive products that could irreparably damage precious metals, stones or pearls.
  • Choose the jewel according to your activities and avoid the proximity of intense heat sources.
  • Before using the jewel, check that the clasp and the setting of the stones have not moved. If in doubt, it is best not to wear your jewel until you can check it out at an Aristocrazy shop.
  • Jewels should be cleaned regularly. If the jewel has stones, cleaning should be done using ultrasound technique. We recommend that you go to your nearest point of sale. Take your jewel to an Aristocrazy jewelry shop once a year to have it checked, cleaned and re-polished with a bath for silver coins and varnish for gold coins.
  • At Aristocrazy, we recommend our watches to be checked between the first and second year to examine the functioning of the battery and water resistance. If the watch is not waterproof, we recommend that you do not get the it wet.

Jewelry and watch maintenance service

The polishing service includes the removal of a thin layer of metal in order to treat wear marks on a piece of jewelry. Polishing does not remove deep scratches or dents. An Aristocrazy expert polisher performs this service, which includes diagnostics, polishing and cleaning. In order to enhance the sparkle of white gold, the pieces are sometimes covered with a thin layer of rhodium.

At Aristocrazy, we work with different baths: yellow gold, pink gold, rhodium and two-tone. The bath service includes several phases after the diagnosis of the jewel: first, a smooth polishing is performed to remove wear marks. Second, they undergo ultrasonic cleaning to remove impurities. Then the piece is bathed (with a thickness of 3 microns of 18 kt gold for the yellow and rose gold finish and 0.10 microns of rhodium for the white finish). Finally, the drying is carried out so that the result of the bath is satisfactory. We recommend performing this service if the jewel has lost its color intensity. This is a maintenance service that does not affect the structure of the jewel.
*It is only permitted to do the bath in the original color of the jewel.

Cleaning is done using an ultrasonic technique that uses vibrations to clean dirt from the surface of the jewel. The advantages include the fact that they can easily remove tiny dirt and particles that are almost impossible to remove in any other way, even without taking the parts apart.

This service allows you to increase or decrease the size of an 18k ring up to a maximum of 4 sizes without affecting its appearance or design. An Aristocrazy jeweler expert performs this personalized service which includes diagnosis, size adjustment, polishing, cleaning and rhodium plating, if required. Size Adjustment Service: The first size adjustment is free. If this is not technically possible because it affects the setting of the stone, a new manufacture will be budgeted for as long as the jewel belongs to current season.

If you find that the setting of your jewels is not adequate, we recommend that you go to our stores to have them evaluated. It may be necessary to re-set the stone or create new prongs to secure the stone to the jewel in our official stores.

We carry out 9kt and 18kt silver and gold welds in the following cases:

  • Chain welding
  • Bolt welding
  • Spot welding on patterns
  • Shaping (rings)
  • Welding of gold rings
  • Claw welding

It is recommended to carry out a bath for your jewels after these services so that the result is optimal.

At Aristocrazy we work with different types of jewelry clasps, whether on earrings, bracelets or necklaces. It is very important to ensure the proper functioning of the clasp before putting on a piece of jewelry to avoid its loss as it is never covered by the guarantee. We can find jewelry that requires this technique in the following cases:

  • Lobster clasp with chain (9 or 18 kt gold and silver)
  • Closure of earrings (9 or 18 kt gold and silver)
  • Safety lock
  • Brooch

We recommend regular maintenance of your Aristocrazy watches by our Technical Department, through our points of sale. We have our own workshop and we have the best professionals. Every watch should be checked regularly to keep it working perfectly. It is not possible to know exactly the frequency of these revisions, as it depends on each watch model, the climate to which it is subjected and the use that each customer gives to their watch. The hermeticity of the watch is not permanently guaranteed by Aristocrazy and our technical department. The seals that guarantee them can physically deteriorate due to the use of the crown, push buttons, knocks or other factors. Any watch repair service will be done based on a budget.

Frequently asked questions

Periodically check the clasps. If they contain stones, cleaning must be carried out by our professionals in an Aristocrazy jewelry shop using the ultrasonic technique. For more information, visit an Aristocrazy jewelry shop, so they can advise you on the maintenance services we offer for your jewelry and watches. You can go to our stores for jewelry maintenance and care. You can request your appointment here.

Always protect them from potential impacts. Even a diamond can break or rub from repeated impacts. Check the setting regularly. Clean the jewel if the stones lose their shine or have a dull appearance.

Applying a few simple tips will allow you to keep it in its original condition for a long time. The jewel's permanent contact with the skin and its exposure to bad weather, contamination or shocks, require care and attention.

  • It is recommended that you remove the jewel before performing any physical activity that could damage it, such as sports, cooking or gardening.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics or household products, as they contain ingredients that could discolor your jewelry.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Store your jewelry in an individual case or in a separate compartment in a jewelry box. Chains should be closed, wrapped and laid flat to avoid knots.

For most jewels, polishing removes or reduces possible scratches on a gold surface. With this operation a thin layer of metal is removed. Beforehand, you must make sure with your Aristocrazy jewelers that the model can be polished. Our technicians are at your disposal to carry out a diagnosis and recommend the corresponding service.

Aristocrazy recommends performing this service as long as the jewel has lost its color intensity. This is a maintenance service that does not affect the structure of the jewel.