The advantages of creating an Aristocrazy account with us are that you will be able to manage all your orders and returns, save your most frequent addresses, save your favorite products in your Wish List and easily navigating through our website.

You don’t have to register on the website to make your purchase. But, you will have to provide the information required by law: name, surname(s), email, phone number and address.

Sometimes, you may experience a problem completing your order. We give you some tips:

  • Try to make the purchase from a computer and preferably from Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Remember to fill in the payment details correctly and enter the security code that your bank sends you via SMS, in case you make the purchase with a card.
  • Make sure your card is configured to buy online or has a purchase limit.
  • If you have a PayPal account, we recommend that you use this payment method as it is more convenient.
  • If you have a promotional code that you have not used, but it gives you an error, we recommend that you clear your browser's cache or make the purchase from an incognito window.

Of course, if you continue having problems, please contact our customer service team at customersupport@aristocrazy.com

You can see the list of countries where we deliver orders in the terms and conditions section of our website, here.

The prices of the online store are exactly the same as those applied to the rest of our stores. However, sometimes you can benefit from exclusive discounts and promotions from our online store.

If you’d like, you can send your order as a gift to someone else. You have to state this during the purchase process. We always send our jewelry in a special package, which is ideal as a gift.

We always send an email to confirm that the purchase has gone through correctly. You’ll also get a second email, to tell you when your order has been dispatched. If you don’t receive these communications, send us an email to customersupport@aristocrazy.com or call us on or +34 91 436 13 67 (opening times: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 14pm). We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible to resolve the incident.

Dispatch and delivery times vary between countries. You can see them on this list:

The photographs shown on the website are accurate depictions of the products. But, it’s important to remember that these are high-quality photographs that aim to show every detail of each piece. Sometimes, the customer may find differences in products where the raw materials used and the manufacturing process influence the final result. Like, for instance, products made using artisanal methods. On occasion, there may be differences in the colours and details, depending on the monitor you use to view our website.

In order to return a product, please let our Customer Suppport Team know at customersupport@aristocrazy.com All returning costs must be taken care by the customer. We provide you with two options to return your order:

  • Refund in the same payment method.
  • Gift: code that you will receive in your e-mail equivalent to the amount of the piece (s) returned, redeemable on our website and valid for one year.

Remember that you can request a refund within 14 days of receiving your order. If you have chosen the return in GIFT format, you can do so within 30 days of receiving your order. You must send the package to:
Distribuidora Simó (AR) Calle Lapurdi 1, Polígono Industrial de Leguizamón en Etxebarri 48450 País Vasco/Euskadi

In case you have received a gift, but you prefer another piece, don't worry, we offer you the possibility of receiving a GIFT CERTIFICATE to redeem on our website. It is a type of return where, instead of refunding the cash, we will send your email a code equivalent to the amount of the piece (s) that you have returned. In addition, it is valid for 1 year from when we send it to you. It can only be used in our online store and you can request it up to 30 days after you have received the order. To request this option, please write to us at customersupport@aristocrazy.com

In the event that, exceptionally, your order has not arrived perfect or has not been the one you requested, please send us an email to customersupport@aristocrazy.com with a photo (s) showing the damage. We will reply to you as soon as possible with a solution.

All Aristocrazy jewelry and watches come with a three-year guarantee following the date of purchase against manufacturing faults and hidden defects. Our guarantee covers defects that may arise due to manufacturing errors that exist at the time of purchase, in the terms established by the General Law for the defense of Consumers and Users. During its validity and presenting your proof of purchase, your part will be repaired or replaced by Aristocrazy under examination and decision of the Aristocrazy Technical Service. For this you can take it to your nearest point of sale.

The Aristocrazy Quality Department certifies that the jewels manufactured under the Aristocrazy brand respect the European UNI EN 1811: 2011 regulation that regulates the release of nickel in jewelery pieces. All the alloys used in the manufacture of Aristocrazy jewelry comply with the regulations and undergo quality controls for their correct certification.

At Aristocrazy, we create and develop our own designs, managing and taking care of the end-to-end creation process, and working with our craftspeople. Aristocrazy uses only fine metals to manufacture its jewelry. All pieces are made of sterling silver, with a range of finishes: 18-carat yellow or rose gold and rhodium. Aristocrazy uses only natural diamonds (GIA certified) and gemstones, like sapphire, ruby, quartz, black spinel, and others.

In the world of jewelry, the term “carat” can refer to two different things. With regard to gemstones, a carat is a unit of weight equivalent to 200 mg, that is, a fifth of a gram. When talking about gold, a carat is a form of alloy, and it refers to the purity of the gold. This measurement is a 24th of the total mass of the alloy. Generally speaking, the most common alloys are 585 thousandths, which corresponds to 14-carat gold (14/24); 750 thousandths, or 18-carat gold (18/24); and 1,000 thousandths, which is 24-carat gold (24/24). For technical reasons, 999 thousandths is accepted as 24-carat gold. The symbol for a carat is normally K or ct.

Each diamond is unique. But, all diamonds share certain characteristics that enable us to buy them and evaluate them. These characteristics are known as the “4 Cs”: COLOUR, CLARITY, CUT and CARATS.

  • Colour: Diamonds can be anything from white to slightly yellow. Colour is a determining factor in the value of a diamond. The less colour in a diamond, the greater its value. The GIA colour scale goes from D (exceptionally white) to Z (pale yellow).
  • Clarity: The internal imperfections in a diamond are called inclusions. The presence or absence of inclusions determines the clarity grade of the diamond and, consequently, its value. The size and position of the inclusions in the stone also play a very important role in the clarity grade the diamond receives.
  • Cut: The quality of a diamond’s cut is determined by its proportions. The better a diamond’s proportioning, the more light it will reflect and the more it will shine.
  • Carats: The carat is the precision unit used to weigh diamonds. One carat is 0.2 g.

To request information on franchises, send us an email to contact@aristocrazy.com